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This is an in-depth guide to setting up DocumentCSS with all of the bells and whistles. For this we will be installing DocumentsJS which powers DocumentCSS.


First install Node.js on your computer. Then, open the console and navigate to your project. Once in your project, use npm to install DocumentJS:

> cd path/to/myproject
> npm install documentjs --save-dev

The --save-dev flag saves DocumentJS in your package.json so other people who are working on your project can also use DocumentJS.


To generate a Living Style Guide, you only need to configure two things.

  1. What stylesheet files are being documented
  2. Where the documentation should be generated

Create a documentjs.json file in the top level of your project like this:

    "sites": {
        "styles": {
            "glob": "styles/**/*.{css,less,md}",
            "dest": "styleguide"

Now let's break down this configuration:

Site Name

From documentjs.json:

"styles" : {

This name can be anything unless you're configuring more than one site, which isn't covered in this guide.

Source Files

This is how DocumentJS knows where to look for comments and markdown files that it will used to generate the site. glob specifies a pattern for this.

From documentjs.json:

"glob": "styles/**/*.{css,less,md}",

This string uses a few different patterns to make sure everything important is included:

Context Pattern Meaning
styles/**/ /**/ All folders and subfolders of styles should be included
*.{...} * All filenames are included
*.{...} {css,less,md} Since {} takes a list, this is shorthand to match all of *.css, *.less, *.md

Altogether, styles/**/*.{css,less,md} means "look in all folders and subfolders of styles for any css, less, or markdown file". If you have additional directories or want to use different file types, this can be adapted accordingly:

"glob": "{styles,static/themes/css}/**/*.{css,scss,md}"

Destination Directory

From documentjs.json:

"dest": "styleguide"

This is just the name of the folder where your site will be generated. Where you want this to be located will depend on the structure of your project.

File Organization

You'll write most of your documentation inline in your css or less files. But you should add one file,, to your styles folder to write your landing page (and set up navigation).

For demos and examples, you may want to create a separate folder to make it easy to link to them later. Make sure not to put anything into the styleguide directory as it is automatically generated.

Your project's directory should will look something like this:

   <!-- Automatically generated directory -->

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