Quick Start

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Quick Start

This is a quick run through setting DocumentCSS and generating a simple page. For in-depth instructions, check out the Setup section.


Install Node.js on your computer and create a package.json file in your project's root directory with something like:

  "name": "style-guide",
  "version": "0.0.1",
  "description": "My style guide",
  "author": "",
  "license": ""

From the console or terminal, go to your project folder and use npm to install DocumentJS:

> cd path/to/myproject
> npm install documentjs

File Structure

Create the files and folders that DocumentCSS will use to generate the docs.

Your file structure should look like this:


Inside the styles.md add:

@page styles Styles

This is my style guide


To generate a Living Style Guide, create a file called documentjs.json in the top level of your project.

Your file structure should now look like this:


Inside of documentjs.json add:

    "sites": {
        "styles": {
            "glob": "styles/**/*.{css,less,scss,md}",
            "dest": "styleguide",
            "parent": "styles" 


To generate the Style Guide use open up the terminal and inside of your project's directory run:

> ./node_modules/.bin/documentjs

To view the generated site, using terminal navigate to the styleguide directory and use python to start a server:

> cd styleguide
> python -m SimpleHTTPServer

This only applies to Mac or a Linux machines

Open up a browser and navigate to http://localhost:8000 (if the number above is not 8000, use whatever number you see in your terminal instead). You should see the Living Style Guide with the documentation you just created!

Your generated Living Style Guide should look like this:

Ignoring Generated Files

Because DocumentJS generates a whole directory based on source files, you'll probably want to mark those files to be ignored by git (or whichever code revision manager you're using).

If you're using git, create a file named .gitignore at the root of your project (if it doesn't already exist.) Then add the following:

 # DocumentJS generated files

This will mark the whole folder as something to be ignored and your team can avoid merge conflicts on generated files.

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